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No he was not, he was a total douche! [Dec. 27th, 2007|02:48 am]
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Merry Christmas, everyone! It is like 2 days late, but oh well. 

My Christmas was lovely. I got SNL season 2, a couple of serial killer books (very festive, no?), a pair of Little Mermaid socks, a pair of very colorful earrings, a pair of jeans, The Gnomemobile!!!!, and, my favorite gift: "Roseanne Roseannadanna's 'Hey, Get Back to Work!' Book." I just finished reading it, and it is soooo hilarious. Oh my gosh, I LOVE it!!! I've read plenty of comedy books in my day, but I've never really laughed out loud while reading them, but I was cracking up while reading this. It is amazing. Aw how I miss Gilda. Not that I ever knew her, so I can't really miss her... but you get the gist. Anywho, so my parents and I had the most non-traditional Christmas dinner ever: Steak and potato salad. And green bean casserole (my favorite holiday food!), butternut squash bisque, and banana cream pie! I love that it was more like a 4th of July dinner than a Christmas dinner. Yay for my family!

So my daddy's uncle is in the ICU! He apparently has blood poisoning. He wasn't doing very well for most of the day, but he's doing better now. I guess he finally peed, and that is a very good thing... I started laughing when my mommy told me that, lol. I shouldn't have, but what can ya do? "Wow, he passed urine! He is going to make it now!" It's just hilarious that of all things, PEEING is what is the sure sign that he will be okay. Well, it's not a SURE sign, but things are certainly looking better. So that's good. My dad's dad died from that blood poisoning business. All these years, I thought he died when an aneurysm burst in his stomach, but that is not so! The doctors still tried to save him after the aneurysm burst, but it caused so many toxins to get into his bloodstream or something.... eesh. That is terrifying. Anyway, so, hopefully my Uncle Bob will make it!

And my mommy had to have a biopsy today! She's had her period for quite some time now, for like a month or something... so the doctors did an ultrasound and they found fibroids on her uterus or somewhere in that vicinity. It's probably nothing serious though. My aunt had to have a hysterectomy because of that, though her case was more severe than my mommy's appears to be. The doctor said they might to some procedure where they like, take a wand-type instrument and burn the fibroids... *shudder* But that is apparently less drastic than a hysterectomy. It sounds FAR scarier, though. 

AND, my aunt has to have a biopsy on her thyroid next month! There is a lump or something on there that needs to be biopsied... goodness. So hopefully everything shall be okay with her as well as my uncle and my mommy!

On to happier things! I saw Juno today! I love Michael Cera!!! It was a good movie, but Juno herself was fucking annoying. And there wasn't enough Michael Cera or Jason Bateman. But that's okay I guess.

Haha, his shorts...

Shannon and I went to Barnes and Noble, and the mall today! Not a good idea... I ended up buying a shoe calendar (which is why we went to Barnes and Noble in the first place), a Marilyn Monroe calendar, 7 pairs of earrings, a serial killer book (it was only $4!), and 3 pairs of socks. I discovered that I enjoy socks. Not to wear with shoes though, since I don't have shoes that require socks to be worn! But I like wearing them around the house. Yep. Oh my gosh, they had socks with Zac Efron's picture on them!!!!! I was cracking up. Who would buy those? I'm sure I would have bought some Backstreet Boys or Hanson ones, though... actually I would still get Hanson ones...

Shannon and I also went to Red Robin for dinner, to see if the George Michael Bluth guy still works there... we did not see him, but we did see a dude who looks like a young Dwight Schrute! So that was exciting.

Also exciting about our visit to Red Robin? There was a hair in my salad, so both Shannon's and my meals were FREE!!!!! I only had to pay for my alcoholic beverage, which is fair. I love free things, even if it comes at the cost of a hair in my food. I got a free Cobb salad to go, so it all works out!

I do not know what else to discuss, so good day.