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What do I look like, Dennis the Menace? [Jan. 3rd, 2008|09:39 pm]
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My Conan Christopher O'Brien has returned to me!!!!! Oh my gosh, I am sooooo happy about this. I support the writers and all, but I actually like Conan better without them! As much as I want The Office and SNL to return, I shall feel a bit of disappointment when the strike ends. Conan is just so amazing without the writers! Oh god I love him.

Apparently there is a new episode of 30 Rock next week! And my TiVo informed me that Kenneth tries coffee for the first time during this episode! I cannot wait. That show is brilliant. 

Shannon and I watched Intervention yesterday. There was a man addicted to gambling (Gamblin Gabe!), and he was HILARIOUS! He sounded a LOT like Andy Richter, which made him that much more funny. This dude was in his 30's, and he was still depending on his parents for everything. He literally said "You are not fulfilling your parental obligations unless you pay off my debts!" He called them bad parents!!! They sold their house to pay off the money he lost gambling, and he wanted them to do even more for him!!! What a dick. Ah that episode was lovely. But the episode after that had a bulimic girl on there... yep, they showed her vomiting. Had to delete that episode. Couldn't finish watching it. *nausea* There was a sex addict on that episode, which I would have liked to have seen, but I could not risk seeing the girl vomit again. That was just uncalled for. Sure, it's fine to show people shooting up, but vomiting?! No, sir! I actually can't watch the people shoot up either, but that at least doesn't make me sick.

Project Runway was strange yesterday. The challenge was for them to go into the Hershey's store, and gather up as much material as they could in 5 minutes, and then make an outfit from it. Then the judges are like, "Well, that's not wearable! This was very poorly constructed!" What the fuck?!?! How about YOU create an outfit from that shit, Heidi Klum! Goodness. I hate Heidi Klum. Honestly, how can you tell them to make an outfit from items in a damn candy store, and be surprised that it is not wearable?!? "What?! You couldn't make an outfit from candy wrappers?! How do you expect to ever go anywhere in this industry?" Fools. Ah I do love that show, though.

So this entire entry has been about television. That's sad. 

I have nothing else to say. Bye bye.