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What's the opposite of straight? - Cheeses crust! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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What's the opposite of straight? [Jan. 17th, 2008|04:14 am]
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[Current Music |Three's Company]

I have recently come to the conclusion that I love Dr. Phil. He is fabulous! I tivoed a couple of episodes this week, because the topic sounded interesting, but now I just have to watch him every day. I love him. I'm sure he crossed the line with the whole Britney Spears thing (He sure as hell violated HIPAA), but I love him. 

The episode I just watched was about girls who post pictures of themselves drunken, passed out, and puking on facebook and myspace. There was a job recruiter on there talking about how he would not hire someone if he saw those pictures, so I had to go through and edit my myspace, lol. I mean I sure don't have any drunken photos or anything, but I took of the cigar picture. And I changed my default picture, which was the Conan tattoo. I'm pretty sure that if your profile is set to private, and if someone is not your friend on there, then they cannot see any pictures other than the default. So that's good. And I deleted my facebook, since I never use it anyway. Myspace is way better. 

I just do not understand people who post drunken photos of themselves on the Internet. I mean,  ANYONE can see those pictures! Even if you have the profile set to private, people can copy and paste the pictures ANYWHERE on the Internet. The entire world can see you passed out in the bathroom or wherever. I don't understand why one would want people to see them in such a state. Ah well. It does not affect me.

Something that DOES affect me: Project Runway!! Rami was SUCH AN ASS to Sweet P today! Oh my gosh! But he sure got his! Too bad he didn't get kicked off. Kit was kicked off! Ahh I really liked Kit. Oh well. Christian (and Chris) won this week!!!!!

That dress is AMAZING! It is straight up COUTURE!!! Oh my GOSH, I love it! Finally, Chris was able to make something costume-y. I love him. And Shannon, I still do not see how it resembles pasta, lol.
That is the ready-to-wear version of the dress. The skirt doesn't really go, but you can tell without a doubt that it would be part of the same collection.

This was Rami's dress.... gah. He worked with Sweet P, and he was criticizing HER!!!! When this is what he came up with! Ass.

This was Sweet P's ready-to-wear version of Rami's piece of crap. I love her dress! The judges loved it, too! So SUCK IT, RAMI! Really, who puts pants with a couture dress?!?!?! Idiot. 

Ricky didn't cry this week. :-( But in the previews for next week, he was crying!! So excited.

At Bennigans, they have fried Twinkies. I do not understand why one would think to take something so gross and unhealthy, and make it even more gross and unhealthy... not everything needs to be fried! I enjoy French fries, and mozzarella sticks... and onion rings. And I believe I enjoy fried mushrooms. But fried Twinkies is just... no! It is unnecessary! Really, fried cheese is unnecessary as well. It just sounds so gross. "Fried cheese." I guess that is why most places call them "mozzarella sticks" or something to that nature.

OOH! Angela Kinsey is pregnant, and she said that Rainn Wilson calls her every few weeks and asks her how Dwight's baby is doing! Ahhh I love that!! Stupid writers strike. I hope we will some day get to see Dwangela's offspring!

That is all. Good day.


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2011-04-14 07:49 am (UTC)
Gosh, I’ve been looking about this specific topic for about an hour, glad i found it in your website!

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